Safety Schemes in Procurement

An umbrella body for assessment schemes with the common aim of reducing both duplication and costs for both buyers and suppliers

What is Safety Schemes in Procurement?

A huge problem for contractors is the need to be assessed by multiple health & safety schemes.

By becoming health & safety assessed with an SSIP scheme, you have satisfied the criteria for all other SSIP members’ schemes – saving you from having to pay multiple assessment fees.

Facilitiesline accepts all valid SSIP member certificates as evidence of competence in health and safety management.

Acclaim Accreditation is a registered SSIP member scheme provided by Fortius Ltd.

Safety Schemes in Procurement

The key facts about SSIP

  • SSIP is not an assessment scheme, it is a membership or umbrella body for assessment schemes with the common aim of reducing both duplication and costs for both buyers and suppliers.
  • Suppliers do not join or become members of SSIP. It is the assessment schemes who are registered members of SSIP.
  • If you have a health and safety certificate from a member scheme, you should see the SSIP logo on the certificate and details on the scheme’s website.
  • If you have a certificate from one member scheme and a buyer asks you to join a second member scheme, you should benefit from the mutual recognition by being offered a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ certificate without having to go through another assessment process, at a much lower fee (see assessment scheme websites for more details). Facilitiesline Gold membership includes an SSIP from Acclaim Accreditation as standard. If you already have an SSIP from a third part provider, we also offer a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ option.

Reducing duplication in health and safety

SSIP now has over sixty members – both assessment schemes and UKAS accredited certification bodies who offer OHSAS 18001 certification in construction. Together they save millions of pounds a year for both buyers and suppliers. All member assessment schemes undergo an annual audit to ensure that they meet the SSIP standards required for mutual recognition and as an assurance of consistent standards for both buyers and suppliers.

More choice for buyers, less expense for suppliers

Facilitiesline accepts a health & safety accreditation certificate from any SSIP scheme in place of our own health & safety questionnaire. In addition to Acclaim Accreditation, current SSIP members can be viewed on the SSIP website.

The benefits of Acclaim Accreditation

For buyers

Why limit your choice of suppliers to a single scheme? As a buyer, adopting SSIP can help you access more suppliers assessed to CDM 2015 and the SSIP core criteria. At the time of writing, most Facilitiesline suppliers have been assessed by one SSIP member or another – and as usual, access to the database is free to buyers.

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