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An easy way to manage supply chain risk

For too long, facilities management buyers have been forced to dedicate a significant amount of time, money and resources to managing their supply chains – time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Many buyers have lengthy supply chains, which means they must monitor the compliance, quality and health and safety credentials of multiple suppliers across numerous projects. If just one of their suppliers isn’t compliant, it’s the buyer’s business that will be at risk of lost work and damage to their reputation.

That’s where Facilitiesline comes in. We’ll manage supplier compliance for you across a comprehensive range of areas, so you are always in control of your risk.

Built by the industry, for the industry

Once For All has extensive experience in supply chain management solutions, but their team wanted to make sure that they were developing a solution that would be fit for the unique world of facilities management. So they partnered with some of the FM industry’s leading buyers and suppliers, working with them to identify what each party needs in order to be able to deliver high quality, safe and compliant projects.

We developed a bespoke scheme for the FM industry, enabling buyers to develop bespoke question sets based on their individual requirements, covering both hard FM and soft FM projects. Our platform enables buyers to:

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Verify their suppliers’ credentials, as they simply provide us with their supplier data and we will proactively manage all of their supplier verifications

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Get the insight they need, because they can create bespoke question sets for each of their projects or sites.

Reduce the risk to their organisation, because they can easily check which suppliers are meeting their regulatory, ethical and corporate responsibility requirements within our platform.

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Supply chain specialists

At its core, Once For All is a network of buyers and suppliers. Their team provides supply chain risk management solutions for over 60,000 buyers and suppliers across all industries, including almost 3,000 FM buyers and suppliers.

In the 20 years they have been in operation, Once For All’s team has amassed an extensive dataset of over 100 million supplier data points. In order to stay up to date with all of this data, and assure supplier compliance, they have developed cutting-edge technology that is designed with supplier management in mind. They have all the tools needed to help provide buyers with a powerful, holistic view of the risks in their supply chain – and better position themselves to mitigate them.

In launching Facilitiesline, they have brought their years of experience and expertise in supply chain management, as well as their innovative tech tools, to the facilities management industry.

A simple way to manage all of their suppliers
External support to ensure their suppliers maintain compliance throughout the duration of their contract with them
A more efficient way to check custom compliance requirements that go beyond a standard question set
Help with sourcing new suppliers when necessary
 To keep track of their suppliers’ CSR credentials

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