Introducing our new platform

View our short overview to see how you can get the most from the Facilitiesline platform.

Listening to your feedback, we have built a  platform to meet your core needs plus much more! 

We have created a platform that can help you save time through the PQQ process and increase the opportunities to grow your business. You’ll be blown away by how far we have come.

  • Ease and speed of platform – The new Facilitiesline platform uses the latest technology ensuring that the verification process is as simple and as fast as possible.
  • Access to potential business opportunities through Marketplace – You will have access to over 700,000 public sector opportunities and will also be invited to express your interest in projects posted directly from buyers.
  • One platform, one renewal date – Because all of your data and connections will be held in one central system, you will only have one renewal date – saving you time. You can also save money by combining your Constructionline and Assure memberships.

Frequently asked questions you may have regarding the updated platform

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information on how to access your new Facilitiesline account. We have also created a knowledge base to give you access to guides and videos to help get you started on the new platform.

How does this impact suppliers with a non-construction accreditation?

Facilitiesline is a dedicated scheme for the Facilities Management industry. The addition of the Constructionline buyer is simply to allow both schemes to be able to find suppliers who undertake FM activities and allow them to engage with you.

So you will see no impact for non-construction accreditations.

Will the Altius Assured vendor logo change? If so, will the new logo be issued to us?

Yes, we will be providing new Facilitiesline logos to allow you to update your accreditation.

Can I download the certificates?

Yes you can download your certificates once you are verified, as you could on Assure.

I have my SSIP with another provider and have a Deem to Satisfy (DTS), why is there an exclamation mark against Acclaim?

As part of your Constructionline membership you now automatically get Acclaim SSIP. As part of our new platform this exclamation point will continue to appear as it highlights that the PQQ for Acclaim hasn’t yet been completed. As you have DTS you can ignore this.

Where do I update my profile and complete my PQQ?

Go to Manage Compliance>Status>Click show details under Levels.

I have a question about my latest invoice or my membership?

Please contact the Customer Success team using

We used to be members of Constructionline previously, but could not find all the trade categories that matched the services we provide in lighting maintenance. Has this be changed on the new platform?

Yes, the work categories that you are registered for in the Assure scheme have been re-created in the new Facilitiesline platform and will supplement the Constructionline categories.

What impact will I see from the change from Altius Assure to Facilitiesline for non-construction supplier like me?

Facilitiesline is a dedicated scheme for the Facilities Management industry. The major change will be the benefit of opening the Once For All network to you as a supplier to the help generate more opportunities from the other buyers within the Constructionline scheme, which included facilities management buyers who are not in the current Altius Assure scheme.

At present, each entity under one parent company requires separate accounts, will this new platform allow for one set of information to be supplied across the entities?

No, unfortunately you will still be required to registered each legal entity in your group in the Facilitiesline assessment. This is because we undertake a financial assessment and daily credit checks, so the assessment has to be directly linked to the legally registered business.

Does the new platform have the capability to handle all the suppliers that are in Assure, which are being moved into Facilitiesline?

Yes, the Once For All platform is more than capable of servicing the addition of the Assure suppliers and Buyers into the Facilitiesline. We already have over 55,000 suppliers and 600 buyers already registered and using the platform.

Why is there extra questions being added to the Assure assessment, will this be more complex than the previous assessment?

We are continually reviewing the assessment and work with buyers to ensure that it meets their needs. Also ensuring it covers any industry and legislation changes within supply chain management. There is some extra questions, but these questions will only be required if the activity you undertake requires the information to be completed.

Will my profile be visible to all buyers on the Once For All?

Yes, all buyers within the platform will be able to view your profile, which will give you access to over 600 buyers.

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