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Reducing risk in facilities management

Whenever you work with a supplier or subcontractor, you could be exposing your business to additional risk. If they don’t carry out the work you require from them in a timely, safe and compliant manner, then your organisation could be liable. This can present particular risks when it comes to hard facilities management.

At Facilitiesline, we know how difficult it can be for facilities management teams to manage risk in their supply chain. You must keep a close eye on even your longest-standing suppliers, because their compliance could lapse at any time, putting your business at risk. That’s why more FM teams are joining Facilitiesline, as we make it easier to manage – and where necessary, source – high quality, compliant suppliers for your organisation’s hard and soft facilities management services.

All the tools you need to succeed

Facilitiesline includes many useful features, such as:

supply chain risk management

Track Risk

Track subcontractor risk and progress in projects and identify issues before they cause disruption.

supply chain risk management

Segment Data

Easily segment your subcontractors and suppliers to enable project-based risk management.

supply chain risk management

Set Up Permissions

Set up tailored permissions to enable access to data across multiple business functions.

supply chain risk management

AI Assisted

Harness the power of AI to create a visualised risk trend analysis or benchmark supplier financial health.

supply chain risk management

Subcontractor Data

Easily access accurate data on subcontractors that is not available anywhere else.

supply chain risk management

Access to unique, enriched,
comprehensive data

Data from HDE, ICO, EA and employment tribunals are triangulated with Constructionline’s data to deliver unique insights to assess risk.

risk radar

What makes Risk Radar so unique?

Risk Radar is the only tool of its type that uses AI to combine and contextualise proprietary data with data from publicly available sources.

Embedded visualisation tools enable users to draw out insights in a way that is useful and relevant – answering specific queries and leaving nothing to chance.

The result is a more comprehensive view of suppliers and subcontractors than ever before – meaning financial and reputational risks can be identified and resolved before they cause disruption or delay.

Unique market insight

Risk Radar has been created to provide procurement professionals with unparalleled insight into the risk profile of the suppliers and subcontractors that make up their supply chain. It uses data from numerous sources – some of which are not publicly available – to deliver unique insights to buyers. To protect you from risk, our partnership with Company Watch allows us to overlay our industry-specific data sets with Company Watch’s financial risk data models and the information held in its Aphrodite director matching tool, to provide a unique, up-to-date position.

supply chain risk management

Unlock unique insight

Data only available to Constructionline and Facilitiesline users, including:

  • Financial health data signals captured from our database of 34,000 verifiable suppliers, plus data on 15,000 historical supplier members of the Constructionline network
  • Full and verified financial data on more than 25,000 suppliers who fall below the Companies House reporting threshold of £10.2m turnover, as well as 220,000 Companies House full historic accounts
  • Data on 300,000 unique contractor and subcontractor connections, to facilitate tracing of possible risk ‘contagion’

supply chain risk management

Analyse the Data

View and analyse our proprietary data alongside data mined from publicly available sources, including:

  • Event and incident data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Information held by the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Event and incident data from The Environment Agency (EA)
  • Information held by the UK Employment Tribunal
  • Tax case information

Risk Radar also allows you to set up notifications for supplier status changes or risk-related events to enable proactive exception management.

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More FM teams are joining Facilitiesline, as we make it easier to manage – and where necessary, source – high quality, compliant suppliers for your organisation’s hard and soft facilities management services.

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