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Introducing a simpler, more cost-effective way to manage your supply chain.

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A simple, cost-effective way to manage your supply chain.

Finding and managing suppliers for facilities management projects can be complex. With such a diverse set of sites, work categories and needs, you need to be sure that all of your suppliers meet your specific requirements across all your estates and those of your client, to ensure that work is completed safely, on time, compliantly and within budget.

At Facilitiesline, we’re striving to make it easier for buyers like you to manage – and where necessary, source – high quality, compliant suppliers. When you’re a Facilitiesline buyer, our platform will help you to identify, understand and manage the risks associated with your complete supply chain, so you can focus on getting the job done.

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Supporting your entire team

Here’s how working with Facilitiesline can support staff across the business:

The C-suite

We know that your senior management team is focused on reducing any risks to your organisation and protecting its reputation. As we verify all of our supplier members, and monitor their compliance continuously, your senior team can rest assured that your business is compliant at all times on any given project or contract.

Your finance team

Your finance team is tasked with keeping your costs down, and Facilitiesline can help them to do that by reducing the amount of time and money you spend managing your supply chain, as we do all the hard work for you. Our software also maintains a robust audit trail, making their lives easier when it comes to reporting. Not only that, they’ll have an instant view of the financial health of your supply chain, enabling them to spot any risks and take mitigating actions.

Your legal & compliance team

FM can be a tricky area for legal & compliance teams, because clients can have niche compliance needs which go beyond standard requirements. As Facilitiesline gives you the ability to create your own bespoke set of standards, you can provide your legal team with all of the supplier certifications, licences and insurances they need, no matter how niche the project.

Your sales team

When clients have very specific requirements, an ability to demonstrate that you (and your suppliers) can meet all of their needs helps you to stand out when you’re bidding for contracts. Facilitiesline’s custom requirements can therefore help to give your sales team an edge over your competitors to win new work.

Your procurement team

When you have multiple projects running at the same time, and a long list of suppliers, it can be time-consuming for your procurement team to manage a big supply chain compliantly, and source new suppliers when needed. With Facilitiesline’s efficient search function and handy filters, your procurement colleagues can quickly find suppliers with the competencies you need for all of your projects, operate efficiency and have absolute confidence that you’re always operating within your contractual arrangements.

Your facilities management team

As Facilitiesline has been created by FM experts, it’s not surprising that membership provides plenty of benefits for your facilities management team, too! We’ll manage all of your suppliers for you, ensuring that they’re continually compliant so that you can call on them at any time.

Risks in Facilities Management

Whenever you work with a supplier, contractor or subcontractor, you could be exposing your business to additional risk. If they don’t carry out the work you require from them in a timely, safe and compliant manner, then your organisation could be liable. This can present particular risks when it comes to hard facilities management.

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facilitiesline buyers

Hard & Soft Facilities
Management Risks


facilitiesline buyers - hard and soft

There are many services that typically fall under the ‘facilities management’ umbrella, from cleaning and pest control to security and fire safety. But what are the main differences between Hard and Soft FM services?

Hard FM Services

Hard FM services are often required by law, to ensure the safety and welfare of employees and customers, there’s a much higher risk to your business’s reputation if you fail to deliver these services adequately and in a timely manner.

Soft FM Services

Soft FM services are not required by law, but these services typically make working environments feel more comfortable and secure. It’s just as important to manage and monitor any suppliers of soft FM services to reduce possible risks.

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