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Publish your projects and work packages with ease.

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What is Marketplace Publish?

If you need to subcontract work, Marketplace Publish allows you to build and manage your own supply chain within your existing Facilitiesline membership. Publish opportunities targeting verified suppliers from your existing supply chain or discover new suppliers from our network of over 50,000 businesses, based on the specific requirements for your project. Reduce your outsourcing risk from the offset – knowing that you’re only inviting suppliers that pre-qualify for your project with credentials verified by Facilitiesline.

Publish your projects and work packages with ease

Create your projects and work packages with ease – instantly invite suppliers to express their interest in your project. Publish to your pre-selected supply chains, or target new suppliers across our network of over 50,000 suppliers.

Track responses – easily identify which businesses are interested in your work packages.

Compare responses – use analytics to get a detailed comparison of respondents to help you during the selection process.

Reduce your due diligence admin burden by accessing pre-assessed and up-to-date supplier information.

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Adopt a common approach that fits your company’s procurement rules by making sure all projects follow the right processes and procedures.

Grow your supply chain

Expand the range of potential suppliers in your network. Engage with pre-qualified suppliers to reduce risk and ensure compliance.


Use a single platform to allow teams in the same or separate locations to easily work together on strategic procurement.

Cut admin costs

Create projects and associated work packages with ease. Select your preferred criteria and publish your tender, cutting your administrative costs and improving productivity.

Improve your marketing reach

Using Marketplace to publish your projects to the largest network of construction experts in the UK, ensuring that you’ve built an open and competitive tendering process.

Build relationships

Improve supply chain relations with a transparent and efficient selection process, encouraging them to express their interest in tendering.

Fill the gaps in your supply chain and keep your projects moving

No matter how niche your requirements are, you can be sure that any supplier you find on Marketplace has the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out the work to your required standard. Built on the Once For All network, you have access to aver 50,000 supplying businesses, and our advanced search filters enable you to target a specific region, membership level, and the type of work required.


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Connect with over 200,000 construction professionals and connect with the perfect partners for your next project.

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